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Einstein Analytics

Salesforce® Einstein Analytics

Artificial Intelligence that provides recommendations based on your company data and processes.

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Before Salesforce Einstein Analytics, a team of highly paid legacy BI analysts was needed for businesses to access and make sense of data. The arrival of Salesforce Einstein Analytics, formerly known as Salesforce Wave Analytics, changed the game by providing an effective business intelligence solution at a fraction of the cost – utilizing the power of cloud computing and mobile technology to provide optimized data faster and more securely than ever. With Salesforce Einstein Analytics, pivotal data insights can be unlocked by anyone who has access, on any device, anywhere.

Einstein is a native analytics solution designed expressly for Salesforce users. Salesforce Einstein Analytics offers countless benefits to IT and business managers, including a smooth native integration setup, custom Salesforce apps that empower data extraction, a plethora of data management features, ability to work from any device, and easy ways to turn insights into action. Furthermore, when paired with Lightning Reports, Salesforce Einstein Analytics is the perfect tool for getting the most from your data and overseeing your entire business.

Discover the key to business intelligence success with Salesforce® Einstein Analytics solutions.

Why Langit Kreasi for Business Intelligence?

With experience spanning back decades, Langit Kreasi has configured Einstein Analytics, formerly Salesforce Wave Analytics, and business intelligence solutions for small and medium size businesses across all industries. Our experts can help you leverage Salesforce to deliver an optimal business intelligence solution designed exactly how you need it.

Expertise & Experience

Drawing from a deep well of experience with cloud computing and BI solutions, our technology experts can give your company a huge jumpstart in your next Salesforce project. As industry leaders, we have the highest levels of practice and proficiency needed to get the job done right the first time.

Service & Satisfaction

Unlike other technology consulting firms who barely give you the time of day, Langit Kreasi makes customer service and satisfaction our top priority. We aren’t interested in providing a temporary “band aid” fix – our goal is to build lasting partnerships with our clients that focus on their long-term growth and overall success.

Creative, Custom Solutions

We believe that each organization has unique needs and challenges that must be addressed. Our specialty is delivering innovative and creative solutions for business intelligence, cloud computing, strategy, integration and development. You can count on Langit Kreasi to help bend technology to your will.

Victorious Business Intelligence Starts Now

Join the thousands of companies that have already implemented Salesforce Einstein Analytics technology. Langit Kreasi can help you stay competitive and revolutionize the way you do business by using Salesforce’s comprehensive BI analytics tools. Learn more about leveraging successful business intelligence by browsing our blog, or contact us to discuss our Salesforce consulting services.