Salesforce Indonesia Event

Today’s digital-first customers expect personalized experiences, not just in their first interaction, but every time they engage with your company. It’s no wonder that leaders are looking to their data to glean what customers need when it matters most. However, data remains untapped in most small and medium businesses, often trapped in silos or accessible only to data specialists.

We’ll dive deep into the Salesforce-native analytics platform that enables you to unlock all of your customer data, discover the best action to take with AI predictions and recommendations, and finally act from the point of insight. Learn how small medium business owners can find the right customers, win more deals, keep customers happy, bring all the data together and connect everything they do.

Join us on 20 October, 10.00am ICT and gain insights on:

  • Prioritize, take the right actions, and close high propensity to buy opportunities
  • Uncover ways to drive loyalty and increase share of wallet with contextual insights
  • Drive next-level customer care and reduce churn with an intelligent CRM experience
  • Unite every team around trusted, unified, and ready-to-use data

Plus, hear from an ASEAN customer Trailblazer who will share how they have used technology to grow and scale their business, and drive digital transformation that will put customers at the core of the experience.

Subtitles: Yes there will be for this webinar
Note: Audiences can turn on the subtitles during the webinar in ON24 platform > Media Player. Subtitles includes Thai, Vietnamese, Bahasa, English and Mandarin.