CRM for University
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Are you in the education business?
From K-12 to Higher Education, admission process is always a challenge. So here’s the solution from Salesforce Indonesia!

What problems do we solve?

Software Manajemen Keuangan Kampus

Payment Fiasco

Our product can help your school in handling multiple payments and installments from different accounts, 24/7. No manual checking. No need confirmation calling to the parents. All performed in automation.

Campus Admission CRM

Onboarding Hiccups

Our product can help your school in handling multiple student enrollment data to ensure there is no duplication to perform more effective followup steps.

Sign up with us now and you can enhance your school admission process with Salesforce at an affordable price range!


IDR 41 Mio


*billed annually
With a one-time charge of IDR 201Mio for implementation

Prices are subject to change to the prices in effect at the time of delivery. For Updated prices, please directly contact our business consultant.


What do you get with this amount of price?

  • Free Consultation

  • 2 Forms of Registration

  • 5 licenses of LKS Sales Monitoring Kit

  • Free Website Tracker
  • Free Google Ads & SEO Optimization Service for 3 months (exclude ads budget)
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