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Our Solution

As an Authorized Cloud Reseller Salesforce Indonesia, we can streamline and support our customers by offering data management, training, and testing & validation support – challenges we have seen time and time again. Supporting your business with key Salesforce propositions in

Integrate data from any system to one place

Salesforce Integration

Salesforce Consulting Services

Salesforce Consultation

CRM Implementation Expert

Salesforce Implementation

Project Management System

Salesforce Project Management and Maintenance

Industries We Serve

We perfectly understand that business must adapt and sustain. Therefore we are ready with the challenges of different industries.

Best Manufacturing CRM Indonesia


Using our connected solutions, we help manufacturing companies improve their operations, connect their people across country lines and drive efficiency.

eCommerce Software Companies


We provide support and implementation to companies that perform any 24/7 business transactions conducted online using Salesforce.

ERP Software Systems Jakarta


We help to control the movement and storage of goods, within a supply chain and between the points of origin and consumption using Salesforce

Education CRM Salesforce


We enable education institutions to ensures maximum efficiency. Revolutionizing the way in operating of education institution with Salesforce.

Consumer Goods CRM Salesforce Indonesia


We assist you in accelerating acquisition, registration, service, and innovation. Let your focus be on patients.

Consumer Goods CRM Salesforce Indonesia

Banking and Financial

We assist in addressing challenges like transitioning from traditional institutions to providing innovative solutions, meeting customer demands, preventing data breaches and more.

Our Clients

Pertamina Gas Negara (PGN)
Plan International
Save the Children
Pengguna Salesforce Indonesia
KTM Resort
AnHo BioPrima (PT. Anho Biogenesis Prima Indonesia)
AnHo BioPrima (PT. Anho Biogenesis Prima Indonesia)
AnHo BioPrima (PT. Anho Biogenesis Prima Indonesia)
AnHo BioPrima (PT. Anho Biogenesis Prima Indonesia)
AnHo BioPrima (PT. Anho Biogenesis Prima Indonesia)
AnHo BioPrima (PT. Anho Biogenesis Prima Indonesia)
AnHo BioPrima (PT. Anho Biogenesis Prima Indonesia)
AnHo BioPrima (PT. Anho Biogenesis Prima Indonesia)
AnHo BioPrima (PT. Anho Biogenesis Prima Indonesia)
AnHo BioPrima (PT. Anho Biogenesis Prima Indonesia)
AnHo BioPrima (PT. Anho Biogenesis Prima Indonesia)
AnHo BioPrima (PT. Anho Biogenesis Prima Indonesia)

Why Langit Kreasi Solusindo as Your Salesforce Partner

We aim to provide end-to-end solutions that really work for your business. Our Certified Salesforce Consultants will identify your needs and implement long-term scalable solutions that are tailored to your specific business needs.

All Salesforce Core Cloud

Salesforce Reseller

Salesforce end-to-end Solution

Industry Knowledge

Data Security

CRM Partners Salesforce Consultation


Testimoni Yayasan Plan International Indonesia

“We were delighted to work with PT. Langit Kreasi Solusindo. They listen to our needs and provide us solutions to improve our business process. I would recommend PT. Langit Kreasi Solusindo as your first choice to develop Salesforce. I believe that any type of business would get benefit from working with PT.Langit Kreasi Solusindo.”

Wahyudi Tanjung
Senior Manager for Individual Fundraising

Testimoni Yayasan Plan International Indonesia

“Sudah 1 tahun kebelakang ini saya bekerjasama dengan LKS, saya merasa sangat terbantukan oleh tim-tim yang profesional. Tidak hanya soal teknikal, tapi team juga membantu kami dalam memberikan arahanarahan dan masukan yang sangat berguna bagi saya dan tim FAB. SLA nya juga selalu terjaga. Respon dan komunikasi kami ke tim LKS pun selalu lancar. Keep up terus dengan service seperti saat ini ya dan semoga LKS sukses dan makin berkembang bisnisnya.”

Ingan Erlang
Business Director Associate Fundraising

Testimoni Prasetiya Mulya Executive Learning Institute

“At the beginning, I had doubt that they can really help us because they don’t have many experience in dealing with customer consulting company that is similar to Prasmul-Eli business. But as time goes by, they were always able to demonstrate their professionalism and determination to help us with our CRM problems. We implemented Sales Cloud and Pardot at the time, and integrated Salesforce system with SAP system, particularly with PS, MM, and FI modules. Overall, we are very happy with the result and continue to maintain our relationship with PT Langit Kreasi through yearly maintenance program.”

ELI – Prasetya Mulya

Testimoni Prasetiya Mulya Executive Learning Institute

“Langit Kreasi memiliki layanan yang professional, tanggap, dan staff yang helpful dalam menghadapi situasi klien yang berubah secara dinamis terutama selama proses implementasi di Universitas Prasetiya Mulya. Penggunaan Salesforce memudahkan Universitas Prasetiya Mulya untuk memantau data calon pelanggan dan serta menjadi salah satu upaya kami untuk meningkatkan layanan pelanggan yang lebih baik dan terukur.”

Lie Johan H.S
Digital Media Manager

Our Partners

Digital Marketing and Web Design Indonesia

We are collaborating with Stucel, a digital marketing agency with more than 15 years experience helping businesses to enhance brand image, awareness and improve their business growth through strategic planning, creative implementation, and full digital marketing solution. Stucel’s services include:

Website Design & Development

UX Research

Social Media Management

Digital Ads

Digital Presence

Call Center Platform Indonesia

Customer Service
Achieve the highest customer satisfaction with advanced
ticket handling to efficiently address customer inquiries

Outbound Sales
Accelerate sales with predictive dialers, automated
logging and custom campaigns to exceed your targets

Realtime Agent Performance
Always know how each agent is performing so you can identify
coachable moments and reward top performers

Call Queue Monitoring
Monitor call queue and call waiting in realtime to dynamically
allocate agents and reduce customer waiting time

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Penerapan Aplikasi Customer Service? Mulai dari Salesforce!

29 January 2023|

Tahukah Anda bahwa sebuah perusahaan dapat memanfaatkan aplikasi customer service untuk membantu mengatasi masalah pelanggan sekaligus membuat mereka merasa dihargai? Contohnya adalah Salesforce, aplikasi CRM (Customer Relationship Management) yang banyak […]

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