Dengan menggunakan Salesforce, Langit Kreasi Solusindo sebagai reseller resmi Salesforce Indonesia menghadirkan solusi kustomisasi berupa sales monitoring kit yang sederhana namun tetap mengedepankan fitur-fitur canggih dari Salesforce.

Aplikasi CRM Terbaik Salesforce

Hubungi kami reseller Salesforce Indonesia dan dapatkan solusi terbaik dan tercepat untuk aktivitas sales Anda!

Perusahaan dari berbagai ukuran dan industri mengalami tantangan serupa dalam penjualan. Bersama Langit Kreasi Solusindo, Reseller Salesforce Indonesia, kami dapat membantu Anda mengatasi masalah penjualan yang paling umum, seperti proses manual, kurangnya visibilitas, dan sistem yang tidak fleksibel menggunakan fitur-fitur andalan dari Salesforce, yang disederhanakan untuk kecepatan akselerasi bisnis.

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How can Sales Cloud help your business?

Sell smarter, faster and the way you want, with the power of Salesforce Sales Cloud. Build deeper customer connections and loyalty by making every customer interaction count. In a fast moving world, Sales Cloud provides the ability to manage sales processes, your support team and critical business metrics in real time.

  • Business Growth

Grow revenue with confidence

Getting back to growth is easier than you think — no matter your company’s size, industry, geography, product, or service. You can increase sales rep productivity and grow revenue by putting all your sales activities on a single CRM platform.

  • Adaptation

Make mobile and virtual your new normal

Adapt to today’s online world and stay connected. Arm your sales team with easy- to-use apps for virtual selling, enablement, sales forecasting, and planning — regardless of their location.

  • Sales Optimization

Get support every step of the way

Give your sales reps the tools to sell more and close deals faster with regular feature releases, the world’s largest business app marketplace, free on-demand training, and a global community of CRM experts.

Everything you need to sell faster and smarter

Sales Cloud’s key features focus on what matters most: growing relationships and closing deals — anytime, anywhere.

Deliver tailored sales experiences with in-depth contact and account management.
Track sales opportunities and move forward faster with a rich customer activity timeline.

Know exactly where your revenue growth stands and drive more impact with data- driven insights.

Streamline and automate daily sales tasks like activity tracking, email alerts, and workflows.

Sell on the go through a single app that lets you access, manage, and update your CRM data.

Power predictable revenue by measuring pipeline accuracy in real time and optimizing the complete revenue lifecycle.

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